Earn Money Online Easily And Safely!

I have scanned a lot of answers below the questions.Most of answers are over ideal,such as to be freelance programmer or to open an online store,and even to be Twitter influencer.Even though we don't talk about how high of the threshold to be professional on different fields,how steep of competitaion in these industry,we also need a lot of time to learn to enter this industry. Here I am going to recommend an actionable and comparatively simple way to you and assist you earn more.
Step 1: Sign up a Facebook,Hike and other SNS APP or media account.Choose the sex is female.And then upload a beautiful profile image,this image identity is a pretty girl from your country or other countries.If she was from your country,set her identity a college student;if a girl from other country,you set her identity mixed blood girl live in your local city.
Step 2: Add more and more friends as you can in different groups and pages and other channel.
At the same time,Post some pictures of your life on your timeline,let them know you are real person and actively engagement with them.If some body call you,decline! And then,you can write a chat mould,when they talk with you,you just need to copy the line in the mould draft and then send to them.
Step 3: Download Lopscoop in Google Play Store( Lopscoop: News,Tasty,Quizzes,Making money online! - Android Apps on Google Play)and sign up an account.Share the articles while tag these your friends who have a lot of friends also. The more articles you share,the more exposure it has,the more people read them,the more clicks you will get, then more incomes you will have.
Step 4: The last 3 ways will let you make about 30–50$ a week if you have thousands of Facebook and Hike friends.Then you can try something else Affiliate.such as Flipkart and Amazon affiliate.You will win more.
Step 5: Until now, you just have one Facebook and Hike account,but now, you can create more social media account to repeat the steps above.
These ways are all operated by my friends in USA and China,if you are newbie,I strongly recommend you to try this way and begin with you own Facebook account.And why I recommend Lopscoop? Becasue this APP I have tested,its income is reliable and some of my influencers friends also do this job also.When it comes to myself,I am learn about Flipkart affiliate now.
Below is one of my student’s income