Get To Know The Legit Ways To Earn By Just Sitting At Home

Have you ever thought of sitting in your bed, munching sweets or snacks and earning money online doing nothing? No? What if I give you this opportunity! You must be thinking I am kidding. But guys, that is actually a real fact. Believe it or not, there is an awesome application through which you can earn a lot of money, that too, everyday. Yes! And the name of that application is ‘Lopscoop’. This is an application through which you can make money online without doing any sort of work. You might be surfing your phone all day, here also you have to do the same thing i.e. being active on the social media that you love to do.
So, I’ll tell you about the ways to make money online from home. Those who are lazy bones, here is your golden chance to earn the best you can, through this amazing application.
2. The second step you need to follow is to sign up in the application. As soon as you sign up, you get $1 or Rs65. So this is the first earning you get by just making an account on Lopscoop. Wonderful!
3. Now, the third step is to read the articles. You just need to read 5 articles per day and you earn some points. You get 10 points on each article you read. And these points will be converted into money. Great! How easy is to make money from home!
4. Here comes the next step. Share the articles on the social media like Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, Twitter and others and get additional benefits of earning money. You can also add some engaging words that can encourage your friends to click and view the contents and know about Lopscoop.
5. Furthermore, the next important step is to invite your friends to join the application. Send them link of the Lopscoop application and also don’t forget to share your invitation code with them. Remember, the more contents you share, the more money you can make. So, invite more and more friends to join Lopscoop and provide them the opportunity to earn. This way, you will get more points if someone joins through your referral code. Again a great thing! Isn’t it?
So, according to the application you have to complete the daily tasks which earn you lot of points and those points ultimately changes into money. Now, you must be thinking of withdrawing the money from the application. Right? Don’t worry, that’s really easy. All you have to do is to drop your Paypal or any other bank account number in the column mentioned there. Your withdrawal amount will automatically get transferred in your bank account. You can withdraw it only if you have minimum of $3 or Rs300 in your Lopscoop account.
Don’t forget to invite and encourage your friend to join this wonderful app. There is no other easy way to earn money online. This is not a scam. It’s tried and trusted. I and my friend are making lot of money on daily basis. You must try and make money from home through this simple and awesome application that doesn’t require any effort. :)Click on the updated link and enjoy one of the best making money apps. Lopscoop: News,Tasty,Quizzes,Making money online! - Android Apps on Google Play
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