How Can I Earn Money Easily By Working From Home?

Earn money from home as a freelancer,you have to learn about some realities.
The first is your aim.
Why do you want to earn money from home?
*Just not want to go the office work and get more free time?
*Or you want to take control of yourself and win a free and step-forward life of yourself?
* Or you have to stay at home during a special period like homemaker or other things you have to stay at home?
If you are the first group,I hope you to go back to your office work honestly.Because you may starve to death if you quit your office work.
If you are the second group,you need to make a complete plan and prepare ideally.Becasue you have a lot of things to learn and a lot of problems to solve. can you believe that you would have to do the all things which are solved by a group in a office.Plus,there is no one pushing and monitoring you to finish all,you must nail it forwardly.Here I am going to introduce the steps how you can do:
1. Find you niche.What you are interested in and can do it excellent:copywritting,design,or program development and so on.
2. Learn about the channel:Where you can get accessible to your cuistomers and can drive traffic and improve the exposure
3. Learn and become professional:If you want anyone else to trust you,you must to be professional.
4. Repeat the professional outputs:Keep doing it.
If you are the third group by force of the environment that you have to find some ways to make some pocket and beer money at home.I would recommend you some easy ways to earn some cash to relieve your life stress you can do at home or as a student.Several earning
1. APP just need download the APP in Google Play store and finish some tasks,you will get some pocket money and withdraw it into you Paypal and bank card.Here are the strategies how you can earn more.I have tested this APP and have recommend it to my students.Click to download: Lopscoop: News,Tasty,Quizzes,Making money online! - Android Apps on Google Play
One of my students earned last weekend:
2. APP super pop quiz:Basically it pays 0.002$ for 5 question and the question always get repeated
3. APP Streetbees. Got paid on first task. Money received in 2 days.I have tested this APP.Click to download:Streetbees - Android Apps on Google Play
4. Applike:Can not used in Vietnam.