How Do I Earn Money Online Besides Blogging?

Five year ago,I was a student,I know the short-of-money life during campus life.I understand your eagerness of improving your own life and getting independent.When I was a student,I also had a strong idea to make some money online to stretch myself and earn some beer money.Five years ago,I have built website,have used Youtube and have done Amazon affiliate and etc.. Every parts what I have done helps me make some money,at least,I don't need go to the office from morning to evening,i have free time to do what I would like to do.Some students often asked me how I can make money online during my spare time to get some beer money to pay for my phone bill,to improve my daily life,and to lighten family burden.All the time,I have few ideas for a newbie, because there are some high barriers to entry the ''make money online" areas,such as you need to know some HTML5 knowledge,you need to know SEO,you need to know some skills about copywritting and etc.
But today,situations are improving rapidly, Lopscoop and iViralLink come up,these 2 APPs get us who want to make money online to come reality,in Lopscoop, you don't have to create contents(if you can,it's better),you don't need to know SEO,the only thing you must do is sharing the content and read the contents,then you will get money,when you share the contents to your social media like Facebook(not only Facebook,such as Ins,Hike,WhatsAPP,you can try by yourself,I am here to take Facebook as an example),when someone clicks and reads the contents,you will get the money.I strongly recommend Lopscoop to you,you just need an Android smart phone and download Lopscoop.(iViral Link is a dashboard for sharing contents from Lopscoop in PC terminal,if you don't have smart phone,you can try this,I just tried it,until now,their account can not be all-purpose,I recommend you to use smart phone.
Here I am going to share the strategies of making money online on Lopscoop by only using Facebook account.
1. Read the content on Lopscoop,the more articles you read,the more points you will get.and the points can directly change into money and withdraw to your Paypal or bank card.Also,when you know the APP well,you can put forward some ideas to the Lopscoop group,you will get another bonus.
2. Share the contents with your call to action words,Here is the example:
This is the most essential way to earn more,becasue the more others click,the more income you have.
3. Tag your friends who have thousands or hundreds friends,how to tag:
4. Share to the group or build the own messenger group:messenger group not only can improve the clicks of your sharing contents but also help you to invite more people to download the APP,you can remote your affiliate code and can get extra points from the group,you can help each other to improve click and also provide high quality contents for them.
5. Add more and more Facebook friends as you can. the more Facebook friend you have means you can get more exposure in your Facebook timeline,also the more friend you have,you can Tag more people also.
6. Engagement with your friends to make a lot of exposure:such press 'like','Wow' button,comments on others post,communicate more with friend on messenger.
7. Invite your friends to join you,everyone you invite,you will get extra bonus when they share the article.Here are a infuencer from India call all her fans to join this APP,her fans and she all get ample income,also the APP owner is very happy,becasue his article get a lot of exposure and his users also has increased.Also,the contents APP can help you kill http://time.So I recommend a lot of my friends use it,I told them this is a good contents APP can help you kill time and read news,if you would like to sign up,you also can accumulate some pocket money.
9. If you do the all things I have talked,I think it's easy for you to make so8me beer money,if you wanna earn more,you need more strategies,I will talk next time,this article is for the new birds who wanna entry the 'make money online' area,hope you can be successful .
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