How Do You Think LopScoop Is Better Than ScoopWhoop?

Absolutely right,I give you conclusion in advance: lopscoop is much better than ScoopWhoop.
Design and Contents:lopscoop has a generous and elegant design, her Flat Design is the aesthetic tendency all over the world. Looking back the ScoopWhoop,just like Nokia to Apple compared to lopscoop.When it comes to contents,ScoopWhoop has a mess in content,also,it doesn't have Personality recommendation contents which applied with AI.But lopscoop has these functions.
Social and Engagement: lopscoop not only can give you ample contents to read,but can give you opportunities to express your feeling,you can sign up your personal account,you can express your feeling by press the emoji and you can share tell your ideas and emotion by comments on the article,even you can share the article to earn beer money.
Bonus:The latest updated lopscoop set a series of incentives to encourage people to read more and share the interesting contents more. Such as when you read an article,you can get a point,when you share the content,you can get some points,too,the more clicks you get ,the more points you will win,As a result,these all points can change into money,you can withdraw all these money to your Paypal or your bank card.
Save your cell phone data:lopscoop has Cache memory and when you start up your phone,you can save your phone data when you watch the APP interface which you have openned before.And these can also help to increase the Web loading speed and enhance the workflow.
It's obviously which one is better.
This is Lopscoop latest updated APP: Lopscoop: News,Tasty,Quizzes,Making money online! - Android Apps on Google Play. By the way,ScoopWhoop has never updated for a long time.