How can I use LopScoop to earn more?

I have some more for you. No doubt, you have made some money through Lopscoop. But I would suggest you to earn even more. Yes! Now you’ve got a chance to earn even more than before.For more Lopscoop strategies you can join our WhatsApp Group.As I am busy these days so here I am going to explain you how you can make more money by using Lopscoop.
Strategies to Earn even more:
1. Drive traffic from WhatsApp
We must to know there are 2 ways to help your account increase more:the essential way is to share the contents to make more and more people to read it,and the another way is to get more persons to join Lopscoop using your invitation code.WhatsAPP group is an instant communication tool,if you join a lot of group and send your invitation code and share the articles constantly,you will drive more and more people to use your invitation code and click your contents.And also you can build your own WhatsAPP group and help each other to click and invite newbies,this will help you to learn how to manage your own customers.And I will recommend a useful way to you how we can get more and more WhatsAPP group:
After you join these WhatsAPP group,you can promote your invitation code.
When it comes to your own WhatsAPP group,you can read below.
2. Off-line recommendation
You know a lot of people around us are using smart phone and Lopscoop is not only a tool of make pocket money but also a wonderful APP for reading, so there are two reasons you recommend your friends to use it,if he want to make some pocket money,you can recommend Lopscoop for it can make some pocket money,if they have no interest in making money online,you can tell them Lopscoop is an good APP for reading news and very very convient to get some interesting information,in that way,they will be willing to download one and use your invitation code.If they would like to use Lopscoop to make money,you can add him or her into your own WhatsAPP group and develop your own fans.
3. Share the article we prepared for you
With the growth of Lopscoop users,we have gathered a batch of loyal users and they provide us with a lot of mouth-to mouth users,their articles about how to use Lopscoop to make money ,all of you can share and repost it to different social media.Such as our users Amit and kapoor,also you can go on our website to copy our strategies and users’ feedback and change the invitation code to your self too.And here I approve all of you to use my article in Quora and change my invitation code into yours.And also,The Lopscoop official will build a page and gather some articles for all of you to share and promote your own affiliate code,now you all can go this official page to find articles and video to promote your code or official group:
4. Full-Social-Media promotion
All over the world,there are a lot of internet users,they all gather in different social medias,forums,webs.Two basic demands that everyone needs are curiosity and profitable.Lopscoop provides high-quality and propagation-force contents to satisfy curiosities of different people,so it will be widely demanded all over the world,this is a promotion point you can use.And another one is making money,just read and share the high-quality content to your friends and recommend them the great APP,you can make some pocket money,I think it’s perhaps useful for students and homemakers or some white collar without many busy things.And you can combine the last rules and promote this APP and your articles in different local platforms,in India,such as Hike,Twoo,Google+,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Reddit,if you can not promote your APP straightly,you can share the articles on Lopscoop they interested and to earn more clicks.Also,other promotion platform you can promote such as Google Play Store of other APPs such as this:
you can recommend our APP leave your invitation code.the same as above,many website comments column also can be sued to promote your invitation code.I remembered that I post a link of Lopscoop article and drive over 3000 clicks.How to use Reddit,?you need to search strategies on internet by yourself and when you are up to a high level and you will earn more.
A lot of local forums is worth us to promote our articles and invitation code. Combine the articles we shared with you,just need change the invitation code and post it,when other read it and you will earn that.These are some webs to recommend for you,and you can also look for by yourself.
All these website you can raise a question first and then answer by yourself to promote your invitation code.
Ok,these marketing ways all have been tested that are useful to drive traffic and help you earn,if you are available during your time,you can do this again and again instead of doing nothing on the phone,you will have deep understanding of traffic and also benifit for your freelance work.Here I hope you good luck and keep doing this again and again,there will be better results for you.