Nowadays, Affiliate marketing is on its best. To earn via Affiliate Marketing is one of the best method to earn on a daily basis. May be a time will come when this would become the king of business.
There are so many affiliate programs which are running at a good pace but very few have the capacity to fulfill and satisfy their customers. Out of so many affiliate programs and business there is one application which is giving you the opportunity to earn a fascinating amount that too, sitting at home.
It’s Lopscoop! This is an application that pays its customers on time and is very interesting to use. It’s just like surfing your net on daily basis. Apart from that there are informative as well as entertaining contents that rejuvenate your mood daily. And guess what! You are going to be paid for reading those articles daily. You get some points for reading 5 articles daily. And those points would be converted into real money.
Along with that, there comes its affiliate process in which you just need to share the articles on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, etc. The higher number of clicks you get, the more points you would achieve. Also you can write some compelling and attractive captions above the shared article so that one would get interested in reading it and click it to read on the main website page.
Another thing you need to do is to share promotional articles. For this you need to go to this page and share any article of your choice with your friends and family members or any random people o n social media. You will be given an affiliate code at the time of signing up to the app. That code you have to drop under your shared article. When anyone would join the Lopscoop app through your referral code you would be paid even more.
It’s a brilliant app that pays you on time and of course a best affiliate program which pays you for every referral.
There is also a support system in the form of WhatsApp group that helps you from understanding the app’s concept to withdrawal scheme. You can join it through this link: