The Best Way To Earn Money By Investing Zero Amount online?

We are coming back to this question first:'The best way to earn money by investing small amount. ' But the truth is when you would like to invest small amount to earn more,you must sacrifice your a lot of time and endless freedom such as an emplyee to get steady income without any investment. So how can we earn more money without investing more,my answer is "Learning",this is what I have been stressing all the way:Learn how to make money online.If you are a student or just make some beer money,I would recommend some entry-level affiliate project for you,and if you wanna make a living with make money online,I would recommend you to have a system study,you must know the traffic,marketing,HTML 5,Photoshop,copywritting and some other skiils.I hope you can spare some time to study these through your practice of making money online.
Here I am going to introduce the first step of making money online,in this step,you don't need to invest some money,you just must spare more time to study and learn more.
Traffic and Channel
The core of making money online is traffic.Where are traffics from? Seach and Social Media.
So the first step is learn how to use search engine and how to use social media such as Facebook,twitter,Google+,even Hike.
Here are some searching ways can help you improve your search efficiency:
Social Media:Here is an APP I strongly recommend all of you who are the new newbie of making money online.If you are a newbie, you can try this way to make some beer money to learn about the SNS traffic rules:Amit Kumar's answer to How does Facebook make money from Facebook pages and groups? in this article,you will begin your journey of making money online.